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Illustration Info

My commissioned illustration services include traditional media or digital painting & drawing, children's book illustration, caricature and family portrait, also character concept design and 2D digital illustration, pixel or vector artwork. For more details, Please Email Patricia for more information.

General Illustration Pricing for Magazines & Publishers

Spot: $ 15

Quarter page - B&W line: $ 25   Color: $ 40

Half page -        B&W line: $ 60   Color: $ 75

Above with multiple figures: add $ 10-15 per figure

Above with detailed background: add $ 15-20

Full page -         B&W line: $ 75   Color: $ 125

(Full page based on standard letter size 8.5x11 inches)

Above with multiple figures: add $ 20-25 per figure

Above with detailed background: add $ 30-50

Inspiration Art or Book Cover

Digital Version -      B&W: $ 75     Color: $ 125

Traditional Media - B&W: $ 100   Color: $ 175

(Above artwork size based on standard letter size 8.5x11 inches)

Any other different size artwork, please contact me for more info.

2D Digital, Pixel or Vector Artwork

There are many types of digital pixel or vector illustration project.

Please Email Patricia with your project details for quote inquiry. 

Caricature and Family Portrait

Please Email Patricia with your project details, sizes required for quote inquiry. 

Payment Methods:

All transactions will be made through PayPal or eTransfer. Email Patricia to discuss project details or inquire more information. Thank you very much!

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